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Robot | Alt mode

Vital Statistics
Alias None
Species Cybertronian
Rank Warrior
Status Terrorcon
Other Info
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Affiliation Decepticon
Enemies Optimus Prime

Skyquake is a Decepticon, who happens to have a twin brother, Dreadwing.

This is a new era, on a new planet, side with the Autobots and help me end the conflict forever. I will never side with a Prime. (Attacks Optimus)

–Optimus trying to persuade him to switch sides, Masters & Students

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode

Skyquake in robot mode is tall dark green robot with red trim and silver parts.

Alt Mode

His alt mode is very much like his brother's, but it happens to have green and red coloring, instead of Dreadwing's blue and gold color.

Personality and Traits

Skyquake has sense honor, loyalty, and is very short tempered.



Skyquake was created with his split-spark twin, Dreadwing.

Battle of Technar

During the war, he participated in a Battle at Technar, where he was received orders from Megatron to kill Optimus Prime. However, he failed, but a try to finish him later.